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About MSNE

Welcome to the webpage of Micro-System and Nano-Engineering (MSNE), a research group of Professor Gyu Man Kim at School of Mechanical Engineering, Kyungpook National University.

We are interested in engineering of structures at the mesoscopic length scale, between the nanometer and micrometer. Structures at this length-scale form a link between microscopic and macroscopic dimensions.

We are exploring new scientific concepts and engineering methods for developing novel fabrication processes of mesoscopic micro/nano structures with high precision and low manufacturing cost. We are also interested in combining conventional technologies of precision manufacturing with emerging microfabrication processes. 

ASPEN 2019
Matsue, Japan
2019.11.12 ~ 2019.11.15
KSPE Autumn Conference
CECO, Korea 
2019.10.30 ~ 2019.11.01


Micro &Nano Engineering 2019
Rhodes Greece
2019.09.23~ 2018.09.26


MicroSystems &


Laboratory at KNU

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