Hydrogel microparticles fabrication using microfluidic devices

Hydrogel microparticles - many applications : bio-drug delivery, PIV measurements, advanced display technique, paint productions…

- Microfluidic focused devices (MFFD) fabrication by photolithography and PDMS casting

- Hydrogel microparticles fabrication using MFFD

- Micro and nano-functioned elements laden hydrogel microparticles fabrication using MFFD

Figure 1. MFFD fabrication process

Figure 2. Hydrogel microparticles fabrication schematic view

Figure 3. Hydrogel microdroplets are fabricating inside MFFD

Figure 4. Fabricated hydrogel microparticles after UV curing

Figure 5. Fabricated microbeads laden hydrogel microparticles